The Long Awaited Haleem

Well this weekend was fun. Thursday I went to class, and just hung around the dorm. Friday I spent reading quite a bit and then me Xandra and Meghan went out for Ladies Night and it was AMAZING. So we got there around 9, and started drinking and dancing. Free drinks are til 10:30. They started out with hip hop and rap and we danced up a storm. Then around 1045, after we had drunken enough they switched to Trance and it was amazing. Meghan had gone outside a few minutes before and after about 20 minutes we went out to check on her. She had met a guy named Tagore who was very nice. We talked with him a bit (we were a little ridiculous at this point) and his brother Ali was a bouncer at the bar. After talking for a little about mundane things the music was too much and we had to go back and keep dancing. We danced until about 12, telling each other we loved each other and hugging in between dance moves. We also got a few Indian girls to dance with us and that was awesome. At 12 we went outside and called our taxi and Tagore, his brother, and the DJ came out and were telling us to stay and keep dancing and to make sure we stayed safe. To make sure we didn’t call a random taxi and all that stuff. Tagore kept asking us where we were going-Tagore International house we would say. He would roll his eyes and be like okay I’m Tagore but where are you living. And we would repeat ourselves. He couldn’t quite grasp that our dorm had his name. Throughout the night we had a creep admirer. Well, in India staring is not considered rude or offensive. Anyway this guy sat at a table and watched us dance most of the night, when we went outside to check on Meghan, he also came out and watched us from a distance. When we went back inside, so did he, and when we went out to call a taxi, there he was. He seemed to get a kick out of us and it was a little creepy but that kind of thing is not out of the ordinary here so I’m really not worried. We spent the ride back trying to boost Meghan’s spirits (she has some self esteem issues), and telling her how she needs to love herself and all that. We decided that when we got back to the dorm we would here Xandra’s slam poem. Well when we got back Meghan went and hid in a guys room. Xandra and I banged on the door a bit until we were told to go away and then our friend Mersad invited us back to his room. He gave us tea and nutella and listened to the slam poem. Then his friend Cassidy came and so did his roommate Sam, and Cassidy told us how she and a few other people had been in a Tollywood movie that day! So jealous! Soon after we went to bed. It was suuuch a fun night.

Saturday: Woke up and did not feel so well. Xandra felt worse, she threw up all day, but then again she’s got a pretty week stomach. Spent most of the day watching TV and sleeping. The power has been going out a lot lately. I think its because its the end of the month so we are running low. I also spent a good part of the day watching Flight of the Concords music videos.

Little toady I found on walking to Main Gate

Sunday: Got up and went with a few people to Shalparama after lunch. It was a very successful trip. We walked around and saw the puppies again. They are a cute as ever, only a little bigger than the last time and even more friendly. Even better we got to see the mom and she is beautiful. She’s pretty small, white with large patches of color. Her color patches consisted of brown, black, orange, and tan hairs all intermingled. Such amazing coloration. She she had the sweetest light brown eyes and disposition. She loved our attention and was so happy to have us pet her! Such a little sweety. (Pic coming soon). While at Shalparama my goal was to find a saree. I found a few places that sold them but the material was pretty stiff and they were going from 800 to 7000 rupees. WAY more than I intended on spending. We were finally directed to a guy that had sarees and Kashmir scarves. The sarees were so soft and I found a beautiful blue and red one. So I asked him how much it was and the bargaining began. He said it would be 800, I asked for 500, he said no 750, it was good quality, I asked him how much the scarves were, 150 he told me, so after some calculation, figuring I would not get a scarf and a saree for 600 I asked for both of those for 700. He agree, almost a little too gleefully, but still that is a great deal for me. !00 rupees less than the other sarees, a softer material, and a beautiful Kashmir scarf. Well the girls I was with thought that was too good a deal to pass up so two of them went for the same deal. I think that next time I will definitely try and get a better deal. But I was satisfied. Then we left and three of us went to the mall, while the others went home. At the mall we ran some errands, and then we went to the food court. I got water (I’ve been drinking a bit) and Xandra got McDonald’s. I’ve been really wanting to try the spicy paneer wrap, and the nuggets and fries looked so good. They convinced me to break the fast and get them. I did so with a little persuasion. Then I went a little overboard. I got a small fries, 6 piece chicken nugget, paneer wrap, and walnut brownie sunday… It was all so delicious and I got full pretty quickly. Well after that we decided we would stop and get Haleem on the way back. We asked the rickshawwallas to take us to pista house. None of them knew what that was, or where it was. After long last an Indian man came to help us. He explained to them where it was, and since he lived near there he said we could catch the rickshaw with him. He also bargained for us. He was from Delhi but he gets sent down to Hyderabad for work at an IT company. He got here a few weeks ago and is staying a year. We got to the Pista House and he told us that the road we are on should take us straight to the university. We should cross the street, catch a rickshaw and it should not be more than 80. We thanked him and went our separate ways. We got two small things of haleem to go and walked around because he suggested we check out all the cool things around. We did and then crossed the street and tried to catch a rickshaw. This area is very muslim and a few muslim beggers came up to us. We didn’t hav emuch luck with rickshaws, they either were full or would not take us there. We were walking against traffic so turned around to walk the other way and we ran into the guy Rahseed again. He said he would help us get a rickshaw. He did flag down a few but the wouldn’t go where we wanted to go. At last we decided to take a public rickshaw. They are small vans that have fixed routes that you take with a few other people for about 10 rupees. We got one and go tin and Rasheed did too because that’s the way he had to go to get home. There was a young couple with a baby and an old woman who kept pointing to the baby and to us. Don’t know what she wanted, eventually I gave her a spoonful of Haleem to give to the baby. The baby would not take it and eventually got breast fed. We got Rasheed’s number because he was very nice and we want some Indian friends. He said he doesn’t have friends yet but he was happy to have us to hang out with. He doesn’t drink but he doesn’t mind being around it. He seemed very nice I think he will be a good person to know. Soon he got out of the van and several men got in. One of them was very excited to see us and showed us his ID and did many gestures to us. Based on all of it I’m pretty sure he works at the Mahankali temple at the Gondala Fort we visited and he recognized us from when we went. He kept motioning all the rituals people do and I think he might be one of the priests or at least someone that helps anoint people for worship. Pretty cool, he was so excited. HE left soon and another guy who seemed very jolly came on and played music and blatantly took pictures of us. We got out at the University and walked home in the rain. At dinner we broke out the haleem. It was very interesting. It is pounded goat meat, with wheat and spices, bathed in ghee. It was very rick and the consistency of raw dough. But it was good, you had to be aware of little bits of bones and chives thrown in, and we couldn’t eat much because it was so rich and we were full from our snack. I saved it for later. Then after dinner we started planning out trip for the five day weekend we have at the end of august. We decided we are going to take a bus to Kochi, in Kerala. Get a houseboat for a day and go along the famous Kerala backwaters, and spend a few days there. Then we were going to head to Madurai for a few days and probably head back on Monday. We are so excited. It’s going to be so fun and there are going to be five awesome people going.

Well this morning I saw that my Hinduism teacher from Eckerd, who is now living in South Indian and is soon to go to Sri Lanka emailed me back. She invited us to go to Pondicherry where she lives and stay with her a few days before she leaves on the 5th. So we decided to do that. I’m so excited to see her again and her husband who was my linguistic anthropology teacher. It’s because of her I decided to go to India and she was one of my favorite teachers at Eckerd. I’m excited to see her and get to stay with her and see Pondicherry. So our plans are set, we bought the tickets and are so excited! Today after class I plan on going to the tailors. I have about two outfits to be made, a saree to get fitted, and two outfits to get adjusted. It should take about 10 days so I should have it all ready by the trip. SO excited to get to where the saree!


One thought on “The Long Awaited Haleem

  1. Sounds like you’re having a wonderful time. I’m so glad you will be seeing your teacher from Eckerd. Ask for advice about your future 🙂

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