Earthquakes and Monsoons (Updated)

So going to highlight the interesting events of the past few days.

Tuesday night was a pretty awesome night. After dinner Xandra, Jack and I went to Emily’s and Karissa’s room. We hung out and ate nutella and talked. I gave Emily and Karissa massages, Karissa proposed to me. Then I got a massage and though normally I don’t particularly like getting massages because people can’t give them right I thoroughly enjoyed the one Emily gave me. Then as we were sitting there, talking of many things, Karissa informs me that a 5.8 earthquake hit Northern Virginia. I can not even express how angry I was. All the exciting things happen when I am not home! I mean first I got to Eckerd and the two winters I’m there, not only does it snow back home, but they have blizzards-notice the plural- and the power goes out. I mean all my life I was waiting for another blizzard so we could build igloo cities and jump out of second story windows into feet of snow, and I miss it! TWICE! And the power going off for a week is just the icing on the cake. I mean I love power outages to begin with, but in the winter? Awesome! The whole neighborhood lived together in the one house with electricity for the week….A neighborhood sleepover….While there’s so much snow outside…I mean talk about a dream come true. Lots of hot chocloate, and playing, and movie watching and cuddling…. And I’m stuck in Florida. Then last summer Maryland got a 3.5 earthquake at 6 am. We had not had an earthquake in decades. And while it’s waking up everyone I know, I’m driving to work and miss the whole thing. I did not even know it happened. Sure I was in Maryland, but I didn’t get to experience it. Not fair. And then this earthquake… I am so angry. It was a 5.8, something that hasn’t happened in the area for over a hundred years and 23 states in the US feel it. But it happened like 30 minutes away from where I live. I mean can you imagine how cool that would have been. I mean sure it would have been scary at first but to be part of history like that is just too cool. And then they are still feeling aftershocks of up to 4.2 now and will for the next couple of days. An earthquake would be a dream come true for me. It’s like the most powerful natural occurrence that one can experience. I mean the earth is literally moving! There is absolutely no way to escape, and you get to experience how powerful the earth really is. As humans we forget how insignificant we are, and personally, for me, there is no greater feeling than feeling you are insignificant. It makes you realize how lucky you are to be alive. It makes you see how insane biological life is. I mean what is the likelihood that something so fragile as ecosystems, and the life that exists in them could even exist? And we are just the tiniest aspects of all that. We are one person with one very short life, in the whole history of this world, in this immense universe. And disasters remind you of that. In particular earthquakes. There is no where you can run, no where to hide, you just have to wait it out and realize how you are totally powerless. And that is a beautiful and humbling thing. So I’m really jealous of all you people back home that get to have all the fun.

Anyway onwards. Wednesday I went to class and for dinner it was Dosa Night! Dosas are kind of like crepes, but with a variety of things in them. I got an egg, potato (masala), cheese, onion, and chicken one. It was delicious. Then my friends and I went out for sushi. THe traffic was ridiculous on the way there. When we finally got there we found ourselves in the most luxurious hotel I have ever seen. Then we went to the sushi restaurant and were escorted to our tables. IT was so fancy! The silverware was really cool looking. All the plates were different geometric shapes. They brought out two cooks to meet us, and we ordered directly to them. They brought us complementary juice, and salad. I ordered pho, and split a sushi dish with Emily. She ordered a miso soup, and it was the best miso soup we have ever tasted. The sushi came and, though we were expecting Nagiri sushi, we got four rolls of four. They were huge, and pretty good. Everyone loved the sushi, I’m just not a huge roll fan, I prefer the nagiri. To read more about our restaurant experience check out Xandra’s blog

Xandra, Emily, Me, and Ida, Karissa not pictured
It was a very fancy place. The pho was also very good but by that time I was too full. Our sushi was covered in roe, which is delicious and I spend the rest of the dinner nibbling on the the really salty roe, so yummy. The only problem we encountered was that the forgot completely about Ida. Apparently she’s used to it. She’s and Indian American studying here in Hyderabad, but because she is dark they assume she’s Indian and generally bypass her. Multiple times she has experienced not being asked for her order, and then not being served it. The same thing happened tonight. They did not take her order, then when they did they forgot to put it in. She waited until all of us were long done eating, and then asked them again about it, they said she had not order, and took it again. Finally it came, but it’s really too bad that it’s like this. Anyway the food was great, and all together with the drink only cost me about 1000 rupees= $23. Not bad. On the way back we got another picture with a great mustache (picture coming soon) and it rained like crazy. I guess we didn’t realize that the monsoon is just picking up now. It was one hellacious downpour. We could not see two feet in front of us in the taxi and at one point drove through about a foot of water. It was pretty great. At least we have great rain here. Maybe no earthquakes but we have a monsoon at least. I think it hardly compares but at least its something.

Today I went to my yoga class in the morning. I have to say it’s my favorite class. Yoga is a really incredible thing. I feel like in the west we cheapen it. We did sun salutations twice, holding each position for 15 breaths. Then did a few more poses for 15 breaths. Then we did breathing exercises. Breathing is what yoga is all about. By breathing you can focus you mind and it to work at its highest capacity. We’ve been learning how once you start practicing yoga, and using breathing in your everyday life you not only feel great, but you are more emotionally stable, focused, and happier. You notice and appreciate everything around you, remember things better, and understand what you learn better. She was also telling us that when you start practicing yoga you get “magic powers” and everything in your life starts to go your way, but you can’t use them because then you will lose them. Pretty great stuff. I already see the benefits yoga is giving me. I am more flexible, I am more focused, and I’m looking forward to getting a lot more out of it. Our teacher is the sweetest woman. I’m pretty sure she is a scientist, but also knows a lot about medicine, and shes a dancer aswell. She is super observant and often tells us about our own state of being and how we can improve it. And she is very happy and enlightened.

All for now. Hoping to get to the tailor today for real this time because I really want a few of my outfits, at least the saree, to be ready by the time I leave on Wednesday and we are now cutting it very close.


2 thoughts on “Earthquakes and Monsoons (Updated)

  1. I love your I insights about how earthquakes make you feel so insignificant and how yoga is really helping you. Both are true. I will say that the earthquake was mighty scary and it was only a 5.8. I can’t even imagine Haiti’s or Japan’s.

    Keep up your yoga!

    Love you.


  2. I enjoyed your detailed analysis of your feelings about the earthquake. Your comments made me think about the significance of the earthquake. I was in upstate NY and just felt the bed shake!! (reading in the afternoon in bed!!) Also enjoyed the self-analysis of your yoga experience. You have convinced me that yoga is so important. Several of my friends have come to similar conclusions.
    Keep writing in detail. I love to read your thoughts. Love, Franma

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