Pre-departure (updated)

The rest of my weekend was pretty good.
Friday- didn’t do much, watched documentaries. Talked to a guy here that met a dog psychologist (India’s Caesar Milan) who lives about one km from campus and has horses you can ride. I need to find this person and volunteer for him. Unfortunately the guy I was talking to recently lost his phone so he doesn’t have his number any more. Later on we watched Bourne Ultimatum to celebrate Meghan’s birthday. I ended the night reading Lord of the Rings appendixes.

Saturday was much more eventful. After lunch, Meghan, Xandra, Jack, and I went out to watch a movie. It was very cold and raining and traffic was very bad, so it took us an extra hour or so to get to the theater. Once we arrived we ate McDonald’s and went to see Kandireega, another Telugu movie and possibly the best yet. The opening scene was the main character and a woman he had taken (not sure) running form an angry mob, as the mob closes in from both sides the only way out is the train tracks and a train is coming. So he takes the girl pushes her onto a vender’s cart and kicks it across the tracks right before the train comes then he jumps up on some cars and in one leap jumps over the train, landing on the edge of the cart on the other side tipping the girl into a standing position so the can keep running…Pretty epic. And the movie had great dance scenes. It was an action, romance, comedy. We got out at 7:30 and ate subway. Another guy at the dorm was celebration his birthday that night and had invited everyone to go out to dinner and a bar at the Park Hotel. He had made reservations for the whole dorm and decided the menu with the chief. Well, we didn’t go for the dinner part, though after hearing about it I kind of wish we had. We headed back to the dorm to get ready and then took a taxi to the hotel. We were the first of the group to arrive at the bar, though it was already 10. There was a horrible band playing but luckliy a few minutes later they got off. A DJ then started playing and they were great. Xandra and I were the first on the dance floor and it was just getting good when the band came back on. It was a British band and the lead singer was really cocky and annoying. We sat down and only danced to one or two songs. By this time the rest of the group had joined us. Then at long last the DJ came back on again and everyone was dancing. The floor was packed. Then literally 5 minutes later, the bar closed…Bummer. Luckily there was one upstairs still playing music so we went there. The floor was small but we still danced the best we could, then 20 minutes later that bar closed. Over all kind of disappointing night.

Sunday we had our first Hindi cooking class-required for our Hindi class. We went to our teacher’s apartment and made Chole Masala, raita, and dal. It was very good and the apartment was so cute. Four girls from California live there at the moment and it is so nice and light. I’m really considering getting one with my friends for the last month or so here. Its only about $90 a month, I’m not sure if its per person or total, but either way its pretty cheap. There is a kitchen too. The only problem is that they are unfurnished and there is no internet. But its not unsurmountable. The only thing we need are beds and those run at 250 rupees ($5). Then we could just get a rug and some pillows for the main area, we could probably get internet too. We would have to bike to school, but its only a mile. There’s no TV but that’s not a huge problem, especially if we have internet. I think it would be kind of fun at least for a month. There are at least four other girls interested so we’ll see what happens. The cooking class was fun and the food was very tasty. Makes me want to eat real Indian food more. The food at Tagore is always Indian but its not as good as home cooked meals obviously. We walked back to the dorm and procrastingated til dinner. I have a presentation tomorrow. After dinner I worked on it a bit then went to sleep.

Today I went to kuchipudi it’s getting pretty fun. Then came back and made my Hindi presentation about my family, it’s pretty adorable. I’m going to try and get an Indian phone today. I also called my professor. Unfortunately she’s leaving Pondicherry on the 3rd, one day before we get there, but she is still helping us out with figuring out what to do so that’s nice. That’s all for now. Really super excited about traveling in two days!

Tuesday: Went to yoga, Ayurveda, and Hindi, it is hopefully the last day of Ramadan, depending if the moon is seen. It was a good day, contacted my professor and she is not going to be in Pondicherry while we are there, so we decided to cancel that ticket and just stay longer in Kerala. Also I got my Indian phone, though it isn’t working yet, its so cute thought I might use it when I get back to the states. Sure enough around 8 pm I heard the call to prayer when normally there isn’t one, the moon has been seen, Ramadan is over. Also my roommate Elizabeth and I have been talking about movie out. We really like living together but our friends Maggie and Xandra are not happy together. So since Elizabeth is good friends with Maggie and I am good friends with Xandra we decided to move in. Lacy will take Maggie and Xandra’s room and Xandra and I are moving to a new room that has internet in it since mine currently does not. It should be fun we will be a lot closer to Emily and Karrisa. I hung out in their room last night and gave more massages=made a lot of friends.

Wednesday-Finished packing, ate breakfast. I finally got eggs-that’s all I’ve wanted since Ramadan started. Then after breakfast we got our tickets all figured out. Then Xandra, Emily and I went to get our phones working. Since it’s Eid I wore a hijab. It was pretty nice. We’ve all been secretly wanting to wear burka’s since we’ve been here-it seems so freeing and equalizing. After we got our phones working we went to the tailor to pick up our sarees. Xandra and Emily had dropped theirs off the day after I did, but theirs were ready and mine was not. I was really super disappointed. We had all talked about wearing our sarees on the houseboat. The tailor had promised mine would be ready, but she ended up doing another girl’s thinking it was mine. So I didn’t get my saree :(. Very sad. Going to leave in a few minutes–its pouring right now though… The bus stop is apparently outside a restaurant. Hopefully we can figure it our. Be back with very detailed posts on Tuesday. Bye!


2 thoughts on “Pre-departure (updated)

  1. Hey Nicole,
    Thanks for letting me read your blog. I have been busy, but I plan to go back and read the previous ones. I am surprised about the McDonalds and subways. Remember your cooking lessons. Maybe you will cook for us when you visit. I think about you and pray for you. I am glad you are enjoying your trip. Stay safe. Margaret Ottley

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