Quick post before Pondicherry

So let me see…what has happened the last couple of days?

This weekend was a pretty busy one. On Thursday night we went out as usual to the club. We added Elise and Jack to our usual group of three. It was a good time, we danced all night and the music was good, they took requests from us and played hip hop all night, which wasn’t bad but I’m really missing my house music…

On Friday night a group of us went down to see about getting tickets to Goa for the upcoming weekend, there weren’t any available so we decided to go to Pondicherry instead (by we I mean me, Xandra, Meghan, and Emily K) because Emila, Karissa, and Jack are going there. We ended up having a sleep over. Xandra and I moved our mattresses to Karissa and Emila’s floor. Karen, Elise, Meghan, Lacy, Sydney, and Valerie were all in there with us for a while. I gave pretty much every one a message, Elise gave them too and Xandra gave foot messages. It was nice we talked and had a good time. Then Karen, Emila, Xandra, Karissa, and I stayed to sleep.

Saturday was a busy day. I had to go back to the travel agent to confirm and purchase the tickets and then quickly get back to Tagore to eat because after lunch Bhavani was going to take us to a bazaar in Secunderabad to buy sarees.

At the bazaar

Twelve us of fit into one bi taxi while another five went into another taxi. It was a long, slow, traffic filled journey to the bazaar, in mid-day, I was sitting in the very back = no airflow, hot, what air that does come back is car exhaust, it was a good time. We got to the bazaar and were directed to a saree shop. I immediately spotted a saree I really like, it was light blue, with light green triangles in a few spots, and embroidered leaves in the green areas, very pretty. But it’s the same color to the other saree I got. And it was cheaper, and nicer looking to me. Made me wish I had not gotten that other one, I wasn’t in love and this one is much more me and cheaper, bummer. Another downer was that they would not let us bargain, which is just absurd, I mean we came to bargain, but they said Bhavani brings students every semester, she talked to them but all they said was that we would get a discount. We moved on to the next saree shop, which was bigger. There were some amazing silk ones that are two colored. They are the most expensive sarees you can buy, and for good reason they are magnificent. They have really bright colors and are two toned so when you move they change color.

At the saree shop, the saree I liked is the blue one next to the woman

They are about 6000 rupees but I think I will have to get one, for the wedding, so beautiful. Anyway I was looking at several sarees that were pretty nice and reasonably priced, the guy at first said no bargaining but he eventually caved. When I was getting ready to decide between two in the second shop and the one in the first shop everyone said they wanted to leave so I didn’t get to buy one. I was really disappointing, seemed like a waste of time, but it’s okay now I’m getting a feel for what I like so as I travel and shop more I’ll keep my eyes out. The ride back was a bit better because the sun went down but it still was not nice sitting in the back in Hyderabadi traffic. When we got back it was dinner time but a few of my friends were talking about meeting up with the Google guys at Synn the sushi bar, I was too tired to go but I asked them to pick me up some sushi and miso. Well their taxi didn’t come so we all stayed in. And had another sleepover. This one was smaller. We started out Karissa, Xandra, Emila, Karen, Jack and I and we drank my bottle of wine. Then we kicked Jack out so we could play never have I ever. It was fun and then Meghan suggested we all go around and say what we liked about each other. Talk about an intense game. We all went around and spent a few minutes on each person saying everything we like about each other. Everyone mentioned how they really admired how much I was always myself and how comfortable I was with myself and how they were a little intimidated by it. Then Karissa was last and I was the last person talked about and she mentioned how she read my last blog post and it made her cry, and then I cried and she cried and we had a big hug puddle. It was a really nice night. Then we all went to sleep.

Sleepover girls

In the morning everyone except Karissa and Meghan left to go to the zoo, so Karissa and I slept late. I spent pretty much the whole day reading and avoiding my homework. Then everyone got back and they all napped in the room. It was so nice to have everyone living there, like a little community, a little family.


Monday we had our bell puja in Kuchipudi. She brought a little statue of Nataraja-the version of Shiva who dances to destroy the world. We brought flowers to lay around him and we place our bells around him and lit incense, and candles and said prayers. Our teacher out vermillion powder on our forheads. Then she had Xandra and I break coconuts on a rock and we offered it to him. Then we ate it. Then she took each of our bells individually and offered them to us, we touched her feet and then she put one on our foot and we put the other one on. They are so pretty and fun to dance in. We aren’t allowed to wear them in the bathroom or with shoes on, it would be impure.

Nataraja with our bells

Then I went back home and napped, and hindi was cancelled so we went to the mall. On our way walking to the gate a SUV pulled up beside us and asked where the main gate, they said we could all fit so we got in to show them. We were Karen, Jack, Xandra, Meghan, Karissa, and Emila and I. Well they offerd us a ride all the way to the mall! When we got there I went to the book store and bought Xandra Love Signs and the hobbit for myself. I got the first glimps at my yoga powers as well. Karissa had asked me to look for Life of Pie at the bookstore, so I was searching for it when she came into the book store. I told her I was just looking for the Life of Pie for her and I turn my head and there on the shelf I was just looking at was Life of Pie with it’s bright orange cover. So it begins… Then we went to Hypercity and I gave Xandra her present so she bought me a mug and tea and I got myself a really cute pair of flip flops. From there we split up and Xandra and I went to the tailor.

Me breaking the coconut

Well we got there and she wasn’t there. Seemed my bad luck with tailors was pervaidng once again, but then everything changed. On our way back to find a rickshaw we saw her and went back to her house. She was so nice. We sat down inside with her daughter and told her what we wanted done.

Dancin' wit mah bells

She fed us cereal with warm milk–a really yummy thing by the way– and we watched Hindi soap operas and practiced our Hindi with her. It was so nice. her daughter was there and she spoke pretty good English so she acted as a translator when necessary. We spent about an hour and a half there just watching the soaps, chatting in Hindi and being fed. It was so nice. They also know a cat who hangs out at their home who had kittens. There was only one left as the others had gotten eaten by dogs but they were cute. The daughter gave them milk so they would come up. The little kitten was the spitting image of her mother. They were tiny brown tabbies with white undersides. I picked the kitten up twice, much to her dismay. They were both very small. When we finally left we got a share auto to the University then walked to Shopcom to check on our Pondicherry stuff. He hadn’t yet bought the second tickets so we made him do that and payed what needed to be payed. Meghan isn’t going anymore. Then after that was all sorted we got some food there. It’s street food and super yummy I got chilli chicken and Xan got chicken noodles. Then we walked back and worked a bit on our presentations and exams due the next day.

Tuesday was the day everything was due. I had a yoga exam in the morning. I was the last person to go about three and a half hours after class started. She was taking everyone individually. She’s a very sweet women and I went in for my test and she asked me if there was anything I wanted to tell her about myself or ask her.


So I asked her to tell me about herself. She’s an Aquarius who studied dance and yoga, after seven years dating her husband they finally got married because his parents wouldn’t agree. They now have two kids. I then asked if there was anything she wanted to know about me. She asked to know about my love life, so I told her and I mentioned that Joel would be coming to India, she said she really wanted to meet him, so we exchanged numbers.

The tailor's

She’s a very sweet woman. After that I went back home and worked on my presentation and then went to Ayurveda and was the second to present. I think I did well.

Today I leave, so I packed and went back to the tailor to get my things. Once again we spent a few hours there, she fed us, gave us chai and worked on two of my kamezes I had brought in that day to get them back to me within the hour. She’s a pretty great woman. I’m a big fan now. So now I’m off to Pondi, be back Monday.


One thought on “Quick post before Pondicherry

  1. Sounds like you’re having an amazing. Would like to hear more bout dem yoga powers. Haha so what exactly did you tell her bout your “love life”? Also, waiting impatiently for the Pondicherry trip post. Love you, Joel

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